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Rule Documents

The following lists contains all official rule dokuments from Decipher.

The Second Edition Rulebook explains in detail how 2E works. You will find here all importent concepts, the turn sequence and how to execute orders. The Rulebook Glossary explains additional terms and rules not covered in the Rulebook and expands on some terms already listed in the Rulebook.

Periodic updates of the rules will be published in a separate Current Rulings document.


Encyclopedia's rule enhancements

The encyclopedia give you the possibility, to search rules by specific cards or terms.

This indices enclose the entities of all rule documents. By this way you will find every rule in any of the rule documents.

Index cards holds all cards to which there are individual rules and links to whichever rule document delivers information.Index terms is built up in the same way for the phrases and concepts. These indices will lead you to all rules of any one given subject quickly and reliably.


Last but not least you will find a list of all Icons here in the RULES area.